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E-Bikes for Business

E-bikes are a fast growing mode of transport

More and more businesses are turning to electric bikes as a green, quiet and fast transport solution for their employees. Riding electric is a convenient alternative to looking for expensive parking spots in the city, and an easy way to travel short distances, e-bikes are what your business is missing. Why not give trying this for your business?

Beat the city commute

E-bikes are the perfect mode of transport for many businesses looking to save thousands each year on maintenance and insurance costs of cars. Whether you are an inner city restaurant looking for an easy delivery method of your takeaway food, or a local florist wanting a quick way to deliver flowers, e-bikes offer the perfect solution.



Join the e-bike revolution

In Europe, UPS, FedEx and UHL have been using e-bikes for years. This is not just to make the driver’s job easier, but to also cut carbon emissions. Australian companies have taken Europe’s lead and are picking up e-bike usage at a rapid speed. Large businesses like Domino’s and Australia Post using e-bikes to make delivery easier. Even nurses are using the new transportation method to travel around quickly and easily. All these companies have credited e-bikes as being perfect for inner city commutes as you beat traffic and save time looking for parking spaces.



Make e-bikes your business

The tourism industry is no doubt competitive, so make your tourism business stand out with e-bikes. Renting these to tourists, or even starting e-bike tours, will allow your customers to see more of the area than walking would allow, in a faster time than a normal bike would take. E-bikes are particularly appealing to holidaymakers wanting a relaxing break from the daily grind.



Backed up by VelectriX quality

Our high-quality electric bikes are manufactured at a European owned & managed factory and all of our bikes come with a comprehensive warranty. We have a growing range of e-bikes including electric folding bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric city bikes, electric commuter bikes, and electric fat bikes. Our e-bikes are powered by the best technology on the market, such as Shimano STEPS or Bafang motors. Whatever your business needs, we can tailor an e-bike solution for you. So if you’re interested in joining the e-bike revolution, contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow!