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4 benefits of folding electric bikes for urban commuters

Wondering how to improve your daily life and your commute to work? Check out our top 4 perks of riding electric (and folding).

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Feel free as a bird (on wheels)

Is driving to work your least favourite part of the day? It doesn’t have to be. Frustrations such as gridlocked traffic and having nowhere to park are specific to cars, so why not ditch the car for an option that breezes through those problems?

When you ride a folding electric bike, you don’t have to worry about petrol prices or your impact on the environment. Traffic jams are meaningless when you can easily slip between lanes to get to the front of the pack. Plus, one less car on the road means less congestion and no nasty emissions.

Easy storage brings peace of mind

One of the best things about a foldable electric bike is how easy they are to pack up and take with you. There’s no need to hunt for a pole or bike rack to chain it up to, because you can store it safely and unobtrusively indoors.

Knowing your e-bike is safe inside with you not only means you can head straight into work on arrival, it also saves you from worrying about any other everyday disasters that might befall it outside, such as theft, vandalism or accidental damage.

folding e-bikeBe flexible with transport options

Have you ever had to walk a long way to the nearest bus or train station instead of riding your bike, because you knew you’d never fit your bike on board? The compact design of an electric folding bike means you can just pack it away when stepping onto public transport, resulting in an easier trip for you and other passengers.

This ease of transport also gives you more options for when things go wrong. Train delayed at the station due to an accident or unexpected track work? Just unpack your electric folding bike and ride to the next alternative station, or straight to work if you feel like it.

Long battery life takes you further

Thanks to the electric motor’s lithium long-life battery, fold up electric bikes can go much further than you might think. The VelectriX Foldaway E-bike, for example, has a staggering range of 40km, with a very quick charging time. This means you should be able to quite comfortably get both to and from work on a single charge.

Check out VelectriX’s selection of electric folding bikes and prepare for your commute to get a whole lot easier.