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Dealer Of The Month: 99 Bikes Bondi Junction

On a recent visit to Sydney to catch up with some of our dealers, we dropped in to say hello to Brett Armstrong, the team leader at 99 Bikes Bondi Junction to see how things are going with his range of e-bikes.

About The Store

Store name:  99 Bikes Bondi Junction

Store location: Bondi Junction

Store manager: Brett Armstrong

99 Bikes Bondi Junction has been a VelectriX dealer for 6 months now and is conveniently located on Oxford St, servicing riders in Sydney's eastern suburbs. They are open 7 days, with on-site bicycle mechanic, offering sales, servicing and repairs on bicycles & e-bikes. Brett has worked at 99 Bikes for 3 years and reckons he has "loved every minute of it". Brett speaks of 99 Bikes being a visionary company, and one that acknowledges the fast growth of the e-bike category. 99 Bikes have embraced e-bikes wholehartedly, and although the range is in its early days, the interest in their VelectriX, Wallerang & Cube e-bikes is very encouraging.

Questions For Brett

What do you love about e-bikes?

My first ride on an e-bike was only 8 months ago and I must admit, I was a bit of a sceptic…but since my first ride, I am converted. I live about 11 kms from the store and I find the e-bikes such a benefit for commuting in particular. I still have my Norco mountain bike for my weekend rides, and I don’t see that changing, but for commuting – give me an e-bike any day!

What is your current favourite e-bike? Why?

Without question, the VelectriX Fat E-Bike. It features the new Shimano STEPS mid drive motor that not only provides power, but it is also incredibly smooth to ride. If I ride one to work, I get stopped at almost every traffic light “where did you get that from” – I am also a bit of a poser!

What is your favourite place to ride?



99 Bikes Bondi Junction carry the entire VelectriX range of e-bikes, so drop in and test ride an e-bike today!