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E-bikes: an encouragement for longer and more regular rides!

A new study from Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics offers some ground-breaking insights that should convince you to buy an electric bike.

E-bike users ride longer and more often

The first controlled experiment of how people use electric bikes has shown that owning an e-bike dramatically changes riders’ transport behaviour.

Researchers from the Institute of Transport Economics divided randomly selected participants into an experiment group - who would have access to electric bikes for the experiment’s duration - and a control group limited to using their own bicycles.

The study’s results showed that having access to an electric bike increased bike usage by 50-100%, both in length and frequency of trips. The e-bike user’s number of trips per day was 1.4, compared to the regular bike user’s 0.9. Even more impressively, the average length of trips for e-bike riders improved on the control group’s 4.8 kilometres to an astounding 10.3 kilometres.

Men and women ride e-bikes differently

Interestingly, these results were reflected differently in men and women. Female e-bike riders took far many more trips than male riders did. Conversely, men using e-bikes were more likely to simply ride farther on their usual biking outings.

A possible explanation for this difference of effects is that on average, men are more likely to use cycling as a form of exercise than a mode of transportation, and so simply rode longer distances with the aid of the e-bike. Conversely, women tend to use bikes to get from A to B, and so the e-bikes’ ability to assist in the face of hills and fatigue open up new cycling options that would have been much less appealing on a traditional bicycle.

A secondary effect of this increased e-bike usage could be a reduction in traffic congestion as more people use their e-bike in place of a car or other motor vehicle. Furthermore, by encouraging longer and more frequent trips, e-bikes help riders maintain good health more than a standard bicycle.

Australians to increasingly ride electric

Australia’s use of electric bikes has been fairly low when compared to countries with more widespread bike usage such as China, but is now on the rise. This is thanks in part to the 2012 decision to allow the import of higher wattage e-bike models in some jurisdictions, opening up the Australian cyclist to more options.

Most Australian e-bike riders report their primary motivation for buying an electric bike is to reduce their number of car trips. Australian cities and towns are generally more spread out than other countries, resulting in longer commutes that make normal bicycles a less practical transport option.

Electric bikes bridge the gap between bicycles and cars, combining the best of both worlds. E-bikes provide exercise, don’t pollute or cost fuel, can carry more luggage than a standard bicycle, and the option for a less-intensive ride means that users can commute in their work clothes without fear of getting sweaty.

Join the electric bike revolution!

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