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Turning mountains into molehills with electric bikes

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Derby Cycle’s Marc Faude predicts that ten years from now, every commercial mountain bike will have an electric motor. Find out what all the fuss is about and why you need to ride electric!

Electric mountain bikes are the next big thing

Following the growing trend of city and trekking bikes with electric motors, leading bicycle manufacturers are now starting to engineer electric mountain bikes for commercial use.

In the bicycle industry, innovation usually begins with mountain bikes and then trickles down to more everyday types of bikes as appropriate. For example, studded tires were developed for mountain bikes, and then rolled out to other bicycle types that could also benefit from increased traction in winter weather.

The fact that mountain bike engineers are now incorporating electric motors, an innovation from everyday bicycles, shows that they are paying attention to what people want.

Why you should go electric

The main advantage an electric mountain bike has over a standard model is the pedal assist. Some people dismiss this as a lazy option, but the truth is that people actually push themselves to ride farther and harder when they know they can fall back on pedal assist if they get tired.

Electric mountain bikes are also very useful on steep and tricky terrain, which is what most of us get mountain bikes for, after all. While standard mountain bikes are great for going downhill, they can be cumbersome to pedal back up, to the point where riders rely on shuttling - having someone drive them up the mountain in a car. An electric mountain bike saves you this hassle and expense; just switch on the assist and you’ll climb any traversable hill or mountain with ease.

Pedal assist isn’t an all-or-nothing option, either. You can choose exactly how much power you want the motor to give you, whether that means a little push to get you to the top of a hill, or full support to carry you home after an intensive ride.

What are you waiting for?

Just like smartphones and the internet, pretty soon it will be hard to imagine a time before electric mountain bikes. Whether uphill or down, rough terrain or smooth, your mountain e-bike can handle it all with ease, while giving you the ride of your life.

VelectriX has a premium range of electric mountain bikes for sale. Each is built specifically to handle rugged Australian terrain, and includes a long-life lithium battery for those extended rides, and an LCD display so you can track your e-bike’s performance and battery life.