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VelectriX Ascent Electric Mountain Bike Launched

MEDIA RELEASE - March 2015

First-Ever VelectriX e-bike launched to rave review                                                                                                                                                                                            

Australian Company, VelectriX has recently launched their first-ever electric bike to rave reviews. The VelectriX electric mountain bike was a labour of love, ingenuity and passion and after two and half years of hard work the VelectriX e-bike is now available Australia-wide.

Daniel Whiting, Owner and Director of Electric Bike Centre, home to the VelectriX brand, explains how this achievement came about, ‘We were seeing a lack of high quality e-bikes at an affordable price in large quantities at EBC, so we decided to take the matter into our own hands.’

With a passion to provide quality e-bikes to Australians, Whiting set about bringing his dream to reality. “I wanted to deliver a product that was made specifically with Australia in mind,’ Whiting proudly stated.

With every component of this impressive feat designed and tested to work in excessive heat and humidity, it’s clear the VelectriX electric mountain bike, also known as The Ascent +, is built to withstand the tough Aussie conditions. And VelectriX aren’t the only one’s who see it that way.  Ebikereviews.com.au recently backed up these findings saying, ‘The Ascent+ is a solid performer and represents excellent value.’

In addition to the recent launch of the Ascent +, the VelectriX brand has an exciting 18 months ahead of it. They are launching 8 new models to the Australian market, all beginning in mid-2015. From e-mountain bikes to city commuters, VelextriX will run the gamut.

Owner and director Daniel Whiting commented, “These e-bikes are tough, easy to ride, fun and adaptable for on or off-road use and on top of it all, we strive to ensure they are the best value in Australia.’  With goals like that, it’s no surprise VelectriX continues to grow and is certainly an Aussie brand to watch in 2015.

To stay on top of VelectriX latest news visit velectrix.com.au or electricbikecentre.com.au