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Why you should travel with an e-bike

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Why e-bikes are the perfect holiday accessory

An electric bike can do much more than traverse off-road trails and commute to work. Why not bring your e-bike with you on holidays, to really make the most of your travel destination? Whether you want a rugged adventure or to simply explore the local flavour, e-bikes are perfectly suited to taking you all the places you want to go.

Going off-road

Electric mountain bikes are off-road riders’ best friends. Their durability ensures they’ll survive the roughest of terrain, absorbing bumps and making seemingly impossible hills a breeze to climb. Fat e-bikes’ wide tires make them great on sand, allowing you to turn a lazy day at the beach into an off-road adventure.

Off-road e-bike travel is great because it lets you explore off the beaten track. E-bikes are both faster than walking and easier to ride than a regular bike, thanks to the electric pedal assist. You can increase or decrease the amount of assist you want as needed, which is really helpful for getting back to camp after a big day of adventuring.

Electric bike racks for cars make transporting your e-bike to and from your off-road destination nice and simple, and are designed to handle the extra weight of the battery.

Riding about town

If you prefer urban sightseeing to the great outdoors, e-bikes are an excellent way to get around town easily. You aren’t restricted by traffic and available parking; you can just hop on and glide along to your destination.

One great thing about electric bikes is that they allow people of different fitness levels to keep pace with each other, so you can all enjoy the trip together. A folding electric bike is easier to pack into your car than a regular bike, giving you more flexibility and room for the rest of your luggage and souvenirs.

Like electric mountain bikes, e-bikes for around town make very good use of pedal assist, allowing you travel greater distances in less time than a traditional bike, and with less exertion. This means there’s less worrying about getting there, and more time to shop, sightsee or relax in a cafe. 

If you're interested in using an e-bike for one of your travels, have a look at our folding and mountain electric bikes or contact us for any questions!